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  C9-T11 2.0 


Manufactured by: C9T11, LLC

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$37 at


C9-T11 2.0 has soared up the charts with its impressive clinical research results, glowing customer reviews, and testimonials from Champion athletes, including football players, boxers, and MMA fighters.

Here's what all the buzz is about: Scientists from Norway's Medstat Research Center have recently discovered a rare extract from an African plant called Carthamus tinctorius. The scientific name for this nutrient is Cis-9-Trans-11 (C9-T11 for short), and recent clinical tests are now showing this nutrient possesses remarkable muscle-building benefits.

Clinical tests show subjects taking C9-T11 2.0 gained 600% more muscle in just 7 weeks.

In our 10 years of reviewing clinical research, no other muscle-building supplement has facilitated such a large increase in muscle mass within such a short period of time.

After interviewing 250 C9-T11 2.0 customers, as well as reviewing the clinical research studies, this product is our runaway #1 muscle-building recommendation for 2015.

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 Whey Protein 

Retail Price: $79.95

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$67 at



Research shows that micro-filtered whey-protein isolates (the most bioavailable form of protein available) increase the amount of glutathione in body tissues. Glutathione is a peptide (an amino acid derivative) that helps support the body’s immune system, placing whey protein at the top of the list for immuno-enhancing potential. This is one of whey’s main functional properties.

Micro-filtered whey protein isolate contains the highest concentration (23% to 25%) of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) of any single protein source. This BCAA content is important because BCAA’s are an integral part of muscle development and are the first aminos sacrificed.

Another functional property of whey is its ability to enhance natural glutathione production within the body. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant and also plays a role in immune-system support.

Whey-protein isolates contain quadra-peptides (short protein chains containing four amino acids), which have been shown to have pain-killing effects. This is another powerful functional property that may help decrease muscle soreness following intense weight training.

Due to its excellent amino acid profile, solubility, and digestibility, whey has a high biological value (BV). Basically, BV is a measure of how well a protein is used by the body. One of the more interesting functional properties of whey protein is its reported ability to stimulate IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) production. 22 IGF-1 is structurally and functionally similar to insulin and enhances protein synthesis (i.e., muscle growth).

Researchers have discovered that whey proteins provide unique health benefits, such as fighting infections and perhaps even fighting cancer. Recent studies have shown a regression in some cancerous tumors when patients ate 30 grams of whey protein powder a day. Whey protein appears to play a direct role in bone growth. Studies show it may increase bone strength and bone protein, such as collagen.

There are a myriad of good-quality micro-filtered whey-protein isolate supplements on the market. For optimal muscle-building effects, we recommend choosing a whey protein isolate supplement with added testosterone- and growth-enhancing peptides. A good choice is a new supplement called "Monster Mix," which includes 40 grams of whey protein isolatate per serving, including a synergistic mix of the 13 clinically proven muscle-building nutrients, which include: Tongat Ali, Deer Antler Velvet, 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, Rhodiola Rosea, Octacosanol, ZMA, HMB, as well as Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and, of course, Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate.

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$37 at



There are multiple studies which have evaluated the ergogenic  value of creatine supplementation in various exercise tasks.

In these studies, short-term (5 to 7 days) and/or extended (7 to 54 days) creatine supplementation (20 to 25 grams per day for 5 to 7 days and 2 to 25 grams per day thereafter) was reported to not only increase one-repetition maximum lifting strength but improve vertical jump performance, increase work performed during sets of maximal-effort muscle contractions, enhance single effort and repetitive sprint performance in sprints lasting 6 to 30 seconds, improve high-intensity exercise performance in events lasting 90 to 300 seconds, and increase maximal exercise capacity.

The science surrounding the efficacy of creatine supplementation for enhancing many types of athletic performance is virtually indisputable, and it once again rates among our top 5 bodybuilding supplements of the year. Of the thousands of creatine products currently on the market, we like a supplement called Creatine Tri-Phase.

Why is Creatine Tri-Phase so much more potent than regular creatine? Because two additional compounds have been added to it. Researchers from the University of Missouri (Columbia) and the University of Colorado (Boulder) discovered that adding just the right amounts of Creatine Phosphate and Creatine Pyruvate to Creatine Monohydrate would make regular creatine 3 times more effective. Research shows creatine monohydrate alone takes 7-10 days to, for lack of a better term, "kick in." Weight-training athletes supplementing with Creatine Tri-Phase report seeing and feeling effects in as little as 3 days.

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Kenyan Tea 


Retail Price: $30.92

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Any bodybuilder worth his salt knows high-grade Japanese green tea is a tried-and-true fat burner. Forget about those gimmicky "thermo fat-burner pills" littering the shelves at GNC. Fact is, a simple search of the database reveals 692 scientific studies confirming green tea's worth for burning bodyfat.

The secret behind green tea's thermogenic fat-burning activity are chemicals found in abundance in the tea called polyphenols

You see, polyphenols inhibit an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltranferase, or COMT, which actually degrades the body's primary fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine. That's obviously not what you want when you're trying to get shredded. With polyphenols being so abundant in green tea, they really help elevate norepinephrine levels, keep them elevated and prolong thermogenesis. Translation: polyphenols help turn you into a fat-burning machine.

So you can imagine what a tea that contains 25 TIMES more polyphenols than green tea could do for your fat-loss efforts.

Recent laboratory analyses from the University of Toronto have recently identified what could be called "The World's Most Powerful Fat Burner."

Specifically, these tests have shown a rare white tea grown in the Nandi Highlands of Kenya's Great Rift Valley possesses a mind-blowing 25 times the fat-burning polyphenols of regular green tea and over DOUBLE that of high-potency green tea matcha.

What's more, these University of Toronto scientific analyses show this tea contains 137 times the antioxidants of conventional green tea, and is the world's #1 source of the mind-boosting "focus" amino acid L-theanine (containing 5 times more than green tea).

So what exactly is this tea? It's a high-grade, organic white matcha grown at an altitute of 6,500 feet above sea level under the bright sun of Kenya's magestic Great Rift Valley — allowing the leaves to soak in extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants and fat-burning polyphenols.

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Nitric Oxide 


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Despite the claims of some in the sports supplement industry, there exists solid scientific evidence to suggest the efficacy of Nitric Oxide products. The following was written in May 1996 in a document prepared for the Royal Society and Association of British Science Writers:

"Summary research papers continue to flood the scientific journals and insights into the biological activity and potential clinical uses of nitric oxide (NO): a gas controlling a seemingly limitless range of functions in the body. Each revelation adds to nitric oxide's already lengthy resume in controlling the circulation of the blood, regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs."

Since the above was written in 1996, Nitric Oxide containing products have continued to be touted by those in the medical profession, as well as by athletes looking to add muscle size and strength 

The above quotation states that Nitric Oxide controls the circulation of blood, and transmits messages between nerve cells.  The fact that nitric oxide increases blood flow should make it of interest to bodybuilders, as increased blood flow will serve to deliver more nutrients to muscles, thus helping muscles become larger when subject to stress. Nitric oxide also affects the endocrine system. It affects the release of gonadotroptin releasing hormone, as well as the release of adrenaline from the adrenal medulla.

So who needs Nitric Oxide? Everyone because nitric oxide is needed to carry out key physiological processes within the body. From a bodybuilder's perspective, nitric oxide supplementation may prove useful in increasing growth due to increases in blood flow to certain areas of the body. Signs of deficiency include physical weakness and extreme fatigue. Most "nitric oxide" supplements contain the amino acid Arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate. BSN's NO-Xplode is our recommended choice, as it contains a good amount of Arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate, as well as other growth-enhancing peptides and nutrients.

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